Forum and Server Rules UPDATED!

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Forum and Server Rules UPDATED!

Post by TheFatLeprechaun on Tue Apr 29, 2014 8:28 pm

Forum Rules
1. Do not spam the forum.
2. Respect other members.
3. The number 7, mention that somewhere in your application.

Server Rules
1. There are 5 teams. When a new player joins the server, he/she will join the team with the least amount of players. If all teams are equal, he/she gets to choose which team to join.
2. The spawn biome (map can be found below, spawn biome is circled in blue.) is no man's land. You're allowed to attack the other team(s) in the no man's land.
3. Each team will have their own biome (from now on called "base"), adjacent to no man's land. Farms and machines are not allowed outside of your base.
4. When you raid the opponents base; you must wear your team hat. When raiding your opponents base, you're only allowed to kill; do not steal or break things. This includes the enemy's grave.
5. A battle will only come to an end if both parties involved agree to a truce. When that's said, they can get their graves back in peace.
6. Paste the number three behind the number 7, wherever you mentioned it.
7. If you come across another player outside one of the bases or outside of no man's land; you must challenge them to a duel before fighting.
8. No flying whilst fighting!
9. TeamSpeak3 IS required for a quick interview.
10. An obvious one: no duping or glitching.
11. Drawbridges are banned.
12. Do not ask for op.

Not following one or more of these rules will result in a kick/temp ban/perm ban.


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