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Konnis93's application Empty Konnis93's application

Post by konnis93 on Mon Jun 23, 2014 9:07 am

In game name: konnis93
TeamSpeak3 (yes/no):no, but i can get it if needed.
Years/months played minecraft: cant remember exactly how many years, but i have played since "Alpha"
Years/months played modded minecraft: maybe a year?? only played The Crack Pack for about 3 days, but i have watch all the youtube series of the Mindcrackers and still do, so i have some knowlagde of the mods and how to use them.
Reason you want to join: i wanna play! and when i saw that your visions is that it should be played like the mindcrackers do it, i just had to make an application!
Will you be making a YouTube series playing on this server?: i have been thinking about making a youtube series so maybe this is the time to start making one ;-)
How did you find us?: i found the the server here: servers.atlauncher.com/server/CraftFreely/
(Bonus question) What mod do you think you will like the most:  "Tinkers construct" and the traumal mods, but i also think that i find many other mods intriguing!


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Konnis93's application Empty Re: Konnis93's application

Post by NoobyGamer97 on Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:15 pm

correction years/month we need a number not a date, read rules carefully and correct as necessary, and you will need ts3 if you even want an interview

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