White-List Application For Klassic_Kombat (Revised)

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White-List Application For Klassic_Kombat (Revised) Empty White-List Application For Klassic_Kombat (Revised)

Post by Klassic_Kombat on Tue Jun 17, 2014 5:35 pm

In game name: Klassic_Kombat

Country: USA

Age: 21

TeamSpeak3 (yes/no): Yes, but like to use Skype more. But I will try and use ts3 more if need be.

Years/months played minecraft: Since 1.7.2 Beta so about 2-3 Years.

Years/months played modded minecraft: About 1.5 Years. (Tekkit Ultimate, Yogscast Complete, etc.)

Reason you want to join: I would love to learn more about the crackpack, I know a couple of mods from it by playing other mod packs but it will be fun how all the mods selected for crackpack will work together. Should be a fun fresh new experience. And I am here with a friend that we are looking for a nice server to record a youtube series on modded minecraft.

Will you be making a YouTube series playing on this server?: Yes, I will be recording solo and collaborations with a friend on here if both of us gets accepted.  

How did you find us?: My friend tony566, that I plan on playing with told me about this server and mod pack and they both sounded fun so I thought I might give it a try.

(Bonus question) What mod do you think you will like the most: I love Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, Blood Magic. I could go on, but there is a theme here my favorites are the magical mods!

PS: I heard that 73 is a popular number these days Wink

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White-List Application For Klassic_Kombat (Revised) Empty Re: White-List Application For Klassic_Kombat (Revised)

Post by NoobyGamer97 on Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:09 pm

i heard 37 is

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