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Tony566's application :) Empty Tony566's application :)

Post by tony566 on Mon Jun 16, 2014 6:08 pm

Hello good sirs
In game name: Tony566
Country: Cananda / Quebec
Age: 18
TeamSpeak3 (yes/no): yes and I have Skype too sorry if i'm making mistakes i'm a native French speaker, but i'm "almost bilingual" still learning the expressions.
Years/months played minecraft: about 2,5 year (since the official release).
Years/months played modded minecraft: at least 1 years 7 months and maybe 3 weeks ;D (see what I did there)
Reason you want to join: I want a good server to start videos with a friend and we need a mature server that allows us to record properly and have fun too, I like how this server is setup (just like the mindcrackers do) and I hope to join you in this adventure.
Will you be making a YouTube series playing on this server?: Yes, I might have just started but I have a pc that runs everything over 30 FPS even with recording so my videos will be top quality + I have bought Software to edit my audio and my video just for my new channel.
How did you find us?: by looking in ATlauncher servers list and you were quite interesting. Very Happy
(Bonus question) What mod do you think you will like the most: hum i really love the minefactory reloaded mod, beacause it's so helpfull to have ressousrces. I also quite love Thaumcraft and all the thermal expension, but i would say that i can work with every other mods quite easily.

thank you, and I hope to see you guys on the server Smile

p.s hum it might been over 2 years actually that the official minecraft had been up,  because I don't really remember when I start, I only know it's been quite a while now.

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Tony566's application :) Empty Re: Tony566's application :)

Post by NoobyGamer97 on Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:02 pm

read rules carefully and correct as necessary should be 37

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